The Master said, “Both keeping past teachings alive and understanding the present—someone able to do this is worthy of being a teacher.”
(Confucius, Analects 2.11, Slingerland trans.)

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I am Dr. Jacob Joseph Andrews. I hold a PhD in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago and am the Latin, Logic, and Philosophy Teacher and IT Administrator at Covenant Classical School in Naperville, IL.

My research centers on 13th century Scholasticism, primarily William of Auxerre (1156-1231), who was involved in the adoption and adaptation of Aristotelian and Islamic thought in the West. I am currently engaged in projects involving the Islamic philosopher Avicenna and the Confucian thinker Xunzi, as well as translating some works of St. Thomas Aquinas.

I have teaching experience in the Latin language, classical Chinese ethics, healthcare ethics, contemporary analytic epistemology of religion, and logic (modern logic, Aristotelian logic, and critical thinking). I also tutor students in Latin, logic, and philosophy.

The About Me page will tell you more about my history and research interests.

The CV page has my abbreviated (html) and complete (pdf) curriculum vitae.

Under Teaching you will find syllabi of classes I have taught.

Under Research you can see papers I have given as well as works in progress.

I also offer Tutoring services in Latin, Logic, and Philosophy- click that link to learn more.

My Philosophy Blog is where I put stray thoughts that may or may not make it into my published work. My posts are conversation-starters rather than polished pieces; comments and criticism are always welcome. My Personal Blog contains posts on hobbies and other topics.