The Master said, “Both keeping past teachings alive and understanding the present- someone able to do this is worthy of being a teacher.”
(Confucius, Analects 2.11, Slingerland trans.)

I am a PhD candidate (ABD) in Philosophy at Loyola University Chjacob ivan studyingicago (entered 2015). My research centers on 13th century Scholasticism, primarily William of Auxerre (1156-1231), an early High Scholastic with influential teachings on philosophy of faith and religious epistemology, and who was instrumental in the adoption and adaptation of Aristotelian and Islamic thought in the West. I also have a strong interest in classical Arabic and Islamic philosophy (especially Ibn Sina / Avicenna) as well as classical Confucianism.  My current research is in medieval epistemology of religion (especially religious experience).

The About Me page will tell you more about my history and research interests.

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My Philosophy Blog is where I put stray thoughts that may or may not make it into my published work. My posts are conversation-starters rather than polished pieces; comments and criticism are always welcome. My Personal Blog contains posts on hobbies and other topics.