Belgium 2014-15

For the academic year 2014-15 I will be studying in Leuven, Belgium, at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, to earn the Master of Philosophy degree.  The MPhil is a higher level Masters, basically equivalent to the coursework portion of a PhD in the US.  I hope that completing this degree will sharpen my philosophical ability and also put me in a good position to get into a PhD program come Fall 2015.

I will be using this blog to update those interested on my time in Belgium.  I’ll probably throw in some philosophy, but to keep you from getting too bored, I’ll throw in pictures, too (don’t hold me to that).  I hope to update every week from here on out.  Don’t hold me to that, either.  Or maybe do, because I’ll forget otherwise.

I leave for Leuven on September 6.  Please pray for me:

-For protection while traveling;
-For a quick and healthy adjustment (in particular, that I find a place to live);
-For diligence and intelligence in my studies;
-For diligence maintaining the rest of my life (by which I mean actually doing the dishes every night);
-For diligence in maintaining and deepening my devotion to God;
-For power to mortify my flesh and kill sin wherever they impede the same;
-For humility, not pride, in learning;
-For discernment in finding a church;
-For opportunities to serve Christ in the Church;
-For health (for the past several years I have suffered badly from allergies and severe insomnia, which have affected my studies);
-For emotional health while I am away from family and loved ones;
-For clarity regarding the future, which at the moment seems to be heading in many different and conflicting directions;
-For success getting into a funded PhD program in 2015;
-For obedience and cheerfulness when any of the above prayers are not answered.


“In the pursuit of learning, one does more each day;
In the pursuit of the Way, one does less each day;
One does less and less until one does nothing;
One does nothing and yet nothing is left undone.”
(Daodejing 48, Ivanhoe trans.)

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”


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