Back in Leuven

I had a great time in Chicago with family and friends, and now I’m back in Leuven.

School’s been in session for a week and things are already intense.  Yesterday I counted up that between a four hour class on Plato, a conference/workshop on medieval philosophy I attended, and preparation for the class, the conference, and another conference, I put in about twelve hours of philosophy. (Pray  for me in the next few hours if you see this- today’s the second day of the workshop and I’m presenting on a paper I did)

Unfortunately almost none of those twelve hours managed to be work on my thesis!  The thesis, which is a 40-page paper that will be the most important part of my degree, is moving along pretty well, but isn’t where I wanted it to be by now.  But I made some big breakthroughs the day before, and I think this week will see a lot of progress.

In other news, the basil seeds that Abby gave me are sprouting:


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