Book cutting

Yesterday I was in the library doing research for my thesis.  By a total coincidence I found a book that I’d been looking for for a few weeks: Guglielmo D’Auxerre: La Vita, le Opere, il Pensiero, by Carmelo Ottaviano.   I was very excited, but quickly encountered two problems:

1. It’s in Italian.  I can’t read Italian.

2. Between three languages I do know (Latin, Spanish, and The Internet), I was able to locate the couple pages that I needed for my paper.  But when I turned to them, I found this:

The pages haven’t been cut yet.  Which is completely normal but kind of sad, because this book is 85 years old, sitting in one of the top philosophy departments anywhere, and no one has read past page 35.  Except for me, and I can only understand the parts that look like Spanish.  I guess that’s a sign my paper is original?

Anyway it all worked out.  I was brave enough to ask the librarian about it, which I usually chicken out of doing, and she gave me a knife to cut it open with.  I may or may not have decided I needed a break from reading and cut open the whole book.

Much better.

And that was my day.


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