Quick update

My time at Leuven is quickly coming to an end. My thesis has been handed in and all my final papers but one are complete in some form. I hope to do some exploring around town before I leave and may put pictures up.  I apologize that I haven’t been very regular with this blog, but I hope it was enjoyable.

In the Fall I’ll be going to Loyola University Chicago to do my PhD in Philosophy.  I’m very grateful to God; over the past four years I’ve sent in around thirty PhD apps and this is the first year that I’ve gotten any good, affordable offers.  I certainly don’t deserve it.  I’m also excited to be close to my family and to Abby. I won’t be blogging about Chicago, even though it definitely deserves it.

That they may get knowledge,
the Greeks live abroad and cross the sea,
but we have no need to depart from home for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven,
nor to cross the sea for the sake of virtue.
For the Lord aforetime hath said,
“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”
-St. Anthony the Great


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