Consolatio I, Metrum III

Then, with the night dispersed, the darkness fled,
         My eyes their former strength renewed
As, when the northwest wind rallies its storms
And heaven stands in shrouds of rain,
The sun lies hidden and the stars still sleep,
And night cascades over the world,
If from the Thracian cave the north wind comes,
Beats back the night, unlocks the day,
Phoebus breaks forth and, pulsating with light,
With sunbeams strikes our wondering eyes.

Tunc me discussa liquerunt nocte tenebrae
luminibusque prior rediit uigor,
ut cum praecipiti glomerantur sidera Coro
nimbosisque polus stetit imbribus
sol latet ac nondum caelo uenientibus astris
desuper in terram nox funditur;
hanc si Threicio Boreas emissus ab antro
uerberet et clausum reseret diem
emicat et subito uibratus lumine Phoebus
mirantes oculos radiis ferit.


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